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YottaDB r1.32 Released

Although there is no single theme to YottaDB r1.32, it qualifies as a major release because it includes a significant number of enhancements, including several to enable the Application Independent Metadata plugin. The plugin provides functionality for applications to push responsibility for maintaining cross references and statistics to YottaDB triggers, thereby reducing the code that applications must maintain. Enhancements include:

  • The $ZYSUFFIX() function enables applications to create variable and routine names that are guaranteed for all practical purposes to be unique, as it uses the 128-bit MurmurHash3 non-cryptographic hash.
  • A $ZPARSE() option to follow symbolic links.
  • Sourcing ydb_env_set creates and manages a three-region database, and defaults to UTF-8 mode.
  • An option to allow $ZINTERRUPT to be invoked for the USR2 signal.
  • The --aim option of ydbinstall / installs the Application Independent Metadata plugin.
  • Shell-like word expansion with $VIEW(“WORDEXP”).
  • Propagation downstream of context set by triggers.
  • ydb_ci_*() functions return the ZHALT argument for C code that calls M code which terminates with a ZHALT.

From the upstream GT.M V6.3-009 and GT.M V6.3-010, which are included in the r1.32 code base, there are enhancements to operational functionality.

There are numerous smaller enhancements that make system administration and operations (DevOps) friendlier, and easier to automate. For example, %PEEKBYNAME() has an option to query global directory segments without opening the corresponding database files, orphaned relinkctl files are automatically cleaned up, and the --octo option of ydbinstall / installs Octo such that octo --version reports the git commit hash of the build.

Published on July 13, 2021