Success Stories

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YottaDB Delivers for Demanding Workloads

YottaDB users have come to appreciate how the database becomes a highly reliable component of their day-to-day business operations. Browse our customer success stories to learn more about how YottaDB works for users.

Government Savings Bank

With 60 million accounts today, Government Savings Bank is one the largest financial institutions in Thailand, and a third of all Thais have an account at GSB.

YottaDB’s performance and scalability allows GSB to process all 60 million accounts on a single real-time core system so that all transactions go straight through to the database of record.

Electronic Health Solutions (EHS)

YottaDB is providing EHS the mission-critical YottaDB Support Services for EHS’ Hakeem Database Software. YottaDB’s performance and scalability allows Hakeem to process the medical records of patients in Jordan on systems that must be available wherever and whenever patients need care, i.e., across the entire country, with 24×7 availability.

Oroville Hospital

YottaDB supports Oroville Hospital’s VistA EHR implementation, running on the highly available and secure YottaDB/GT.M platform.

University of Antwerp Library

YottaDB/GT.M powers the The University of Antwerp Library catalog, which includes 3.7 million copies of 2.4 million titles, and delivers fast response times and reliable access to users around the world.