Universal NoSQL

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YottaDB Delivers Proven Performance in Web-Scale Applications

YottaDB not only offers the scale of NoSQL databases, but also the reliability and maturity organizations need for their mission-critical applications.

Enterprise-Grade NoSQL

While most popular NoSQL databases have matured in the last decade due to large-scale adoption and product refinement, they still lack the track record of the YottaDB database in powering secure, reliable and scalable applications.

The key feature of “Global Persistent Variables” (Globals) gives YottaDB and its brethren the ability to model and store data from each of the distinct types of NoSQL database: key/value store, tabular/column store, document store and graph database.

The Best of Both Worlds

Traditionally, relational databases have been viewed as the more stable choice for applications, due to decades of success for Oracle, IBM and Microsoft’s SQL database offerings. The scale requirements of big data and need for flexible schema caused a shift away from the RDBMS.

With YottaDB, companies get elastic scaling on distributed, low-cost commodity hardware that can cost-effectively handle big data and internet scale within the proven maturity, support, administration and expertise that companies are used to in an RDBMS.

A Key-Value Store for Your Key Applications

YottaDB offers a fast, reliable and secure open source option for applications that require low-latency transactional support with non-stop operations. YottaDB’s business continuity and real-time replication features keep even Internet-scale applications continuously available not just in the face of unplanned events, but also planned events, such as application upgrades and even schema changes.

The YottaDB architecture places a premium on speed and responsiveness with a daemon-less, in-memory database engine, streamlining workloads by minimizing latency and parsimoniously using system resources.

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