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A Proven, Powerful Database for Mission Critical Applications

YottaDB is a proven Multi-Language NoSQL database engine that is built on a code base with decades of maturity and continuous investment. It is currently in production at some of the largest real-time core banking applications and electronic health record deployments.

Learn More About YottaDB


YottaDB’s unique feature set makes it stand out from the database crowd in a variety of applications and use cases.

How It Works

Take a deep dive into YottaDB’s data structures, persistent data journaling, transaction processing, and business continuity.

Core Technology

Explore YottaDB’s in-memory database engine, optimistic concurrency control and database organization to understand what makes YottaDB the right choice.

We're Always Making YottaDB Better

Yes, YottaDB is already Rock Solid, Lightning Fast, and Secure. But we’re never satisfied, and want to make it more so. We also want to add new features.

YottaDB Powers Diverse Applications

Mission-Critical Applications

YottaDB offers the reliability, security and performance to power demanding applications, such as transactional systems of record.

Internet of Things Applications

YottaDB enables Internet of Things (IoT) Applications to use a single database that can scale down to embed in smart sensors and devices, and scale up to the cloud to deploy the services behind IoT applications.

Health Record Applications

YottaDB is an ideal platform for applications built using M/MUMPS, the de facto language of electronic health records systems, including VistA, the free/open source EHR most highly-rated by physicians.