Success Story: EHS

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About Electronic Health Solutions

EHS is a leading Jordanian private not-for-profit company, established over a decade ago, to bring into existence the vision of the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, to advance the healthcare sector in Jordan, through the digitization of the public and the private healthcare sectors (and related sectors).

YottaDB Collaboration with EHS

YottaDB is a U.S.-based company which is experienced in the provision of IT Support Services for Hakeem Database Software, more specifically the YottaDB and/or GT.M software on GNU/Linux, and which has a proven track record in such Support Services. As a result, over the past few years a collaboration for Support Services between the two companies, YottaDB and EHS, came into effect and that collaboration continues until to date.

About Hakeem

One of the solutions offered by EHS company with the aim of digitizing the healthcare sector is the program Hakeem, which can be described as an automation program for the healthcare sector, focusing on digitization of patient records. The Hakeem program, which consists of the VistA applications database, also includes the software branded as YottaDB when released by the YottaDB company.

The benefits of such digitization can be summarized as facilitation of access to complete medical history of each patient, which allows a care-giver to provide better care to each patient; moreover, electronic medical records ensure the complete access to that history at the point of care, including but not limited to:

  • Current medications, allergies history, and drug-drug interaction alert to avoid prescribing unsuitable medication.
  • Medical and surgical history including comprehensive procedural and surgical reports.
  • Electronic access to the patient’s lab results and x-ray results.

Electronic medical records benefit also the healthcare system in various ways, including improved quality of care at reduced cost.

YottaDB Services to EHS (Mission-Critical YottaDB)

Based on the objectives of EHS, YottaDB is providing to EHS the mission-critical YottaDB Support Services for Hakeem Database Software, in which YottaDB’s performance and scalability allows Hakeem to process the medical records of patients in Jordan on systems that must be available wherever and whenever patients need care, i.e., across the entire country, with 24×7 availability.

Learn More About EHS

To learn more about our Jordanian customer EHS, please visit the Electronic Health Solutions web site.