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YottaDB r2.00 Released

YottaDB r2.00 is a major new release with substantial new functionality and database format enhancements.

  • Inherited from the upstream GT.M V7.0-000, YottaDB r2.00 creates database files of up to 16Gi blocks. For example, the maximum size of a database file with 4KiB blocks is 64TiB, which means you can use fewer regions for extremely large databases. With YottaDB r2.00, you can continue to use database files created by r1.x releases, except that the maximum size of a database file created with prior YottaDB releases remains unchanged.
  • For direct mode, as well as utility programs, YottaDB can optionally use GNU Readline, if it is installed on the system. This includes the ability to access and use command history from prior sessions.
  • Listening TCP sockets can be passed between processes.
  • The ydbinstall / ydbinstall.sh script has multiple enhancements.

In addition to enhancements and fixes made by YottaDB, r2.00 inherits numerous other enhancements and fixes from GT.M V7.0-000 and V7.0-001, all described in the Release Notes.

Published on February 23, 2024