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YottaDB r1.34 Released

While YottaDB r1.34 is an otherwise modest successor to r1.32, internal changes allow the popular programming language Python to be fully Supported. We are excited about making YottaDB available to the large Python user community. Here is a “Hello, World” Python program that updates the database and illustrates YottaDB’s Unicode support:

import yottadb

if __name__ == "__main__":
yottadb.set("^hello", ("Python",), value="नमस्ते दुनिया")

The Python wrapper can be installed with pip install yottadb. Full details of the API are in the Python wrapper user documentation. The current Debian Docker image at Docker Hub includes the Python wrapper. We thank Peter Goss (@gossrock) for his contributions to the Python wrapper.

Python joins C, Go, M, node.js, Perl, and Rust as languages with APIs to access YottaDB.

Owing to an internal change required to support the Python wrapper, application code written in Go and Rust will need to be compiled with new versions of the Go and Rust wrappers. We anticipate no regressions, and apologize for the inconvenience.

As discussed in our blog post Fuzz Testing YottaDB, adding a new type of testing exposed bugs previously neither encountered in our development environment nor reported by a user. Although fuzz testing generates syntactically correct but semantically questionable, contorted code that is unlikely to be part of any real application, the bugs are nevertheless defects. r1.34 includes the first tranche of fixes. As we are dedicating hardware to continuous fuzz testing, future YottaDB releases will include fixes for bugs found by fuzzing. We thank Zachary Minneker of Security Innovation for Fuzz Testing YottaDB and bringing its benefits to our attention.

In addition to fixes for issues, whether found by fuzz testing or otherwise, YottaDB r1.34 has enhancements that make it faster and more friendly, e.g.,

– Faster stringpool garbage collection, thanks to Alexander Sergeev and Konstantin Aristov (@littlecat).
– HOME and END keys work in direct mode for READ, thanks to Sergey Kamenev (@inetstar).
– Multiple improvements to ydbinstall /
– Enhancements to ydb_env_set to improve performance under some conditions and to be compatible with existing environments created without ydb_env_set.
– Enhancements to the %RSEL utility program.

YottaDB r1.34 also inherits enhancements and fixes from GT.M V6.3-011.

Details are in the release notes.

Published on February 23, 2022