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YottaDB r1.26 Released

YottaDB r1.26 is a major release on our roadmap to world domination (we may never get to our destination, but we will have fun – and release great software – along the way!).

Multi-Threaded Applications

r1.24 extended the Simple API with field-test grade implementations of functions to support multi-threaded applications. In getting to r1.26, we have implemented the breadth and depth of automated testing we require for production grade functionality. In r1.26, not only are we able to consider the Simple API functions for multi-threaded applications as production grade and Supportable, we have also made their performance comparable to functions that support single-threaded applications.

Improving Ease of Use

Sourcing ydb_env_set addresses an expanded set of use cases, including setting up and automatically recovering a database (e.g., when coming up after a crash). This brings to applications in all languages functionality that was previously available to M applications through the ydb script in a more limited form. ydb_env_set also automatically sets environment variables to access YottaDB plugins that comply with the plugin architecture standard, such as Octo.

Preparing for Octo

At its core, YottaDB is a hierarchical key-value data-store which is accessed and manipulated by native imperative programming APIs in M and C that are in turn wrapped to create APIs in other languages such as Go. Octo is a YottaDB plugin to provide SQL access to YottaDB databases. As YottaDB is a 100% free / open source software company, you can track Octo as it is developed. Octo is currently in Alpha test, with a Beta test scheduled to start on Monday, July 8 in Bethesda, Maryland, with a training course in conjunction with the OSEHRA 2019 Summit.

YottaDB r1.26 has enhancements and fixes that Octo needs. Please look out for announcements about Octo in the near future.

And More…

YottaDB is upward compatible with both YottaDB r1.24 as well as GT.M V6.3-006 and V6.3-007. The diagram shows the relationship between YottaDB and GT.M. YottaDB releases include fixes and enhancements made by the GT.M team to the code base, as well as fixes and enhancements made by the YottaDB team. This relationship allows us to promise YottaDB users our drop-in GT.M compatibility and satisfaction guarantee.

As with any YottaDB release, r1.26 includes a number of enhancements and fixes, as detailed in the release notes.

Published on June 24, 2019